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“The Road Taken” …professionally

Take a stroll through my online resume. “Come, let’s walk, come, let’s see   …”




Freelance web site setup, Copenhagen (2010-)

Web site set-up in WordPress, including:
– Design
– Image processing
– Content
– Plug-ins
– Minor CSS and HTML coding

Freelance translation, Copenhagen (2010-)

– Danish to English
– English to Danish

Freelance proof reading, Copenhagen, (2010-)

– Proof reading
– Editing

Communications Officer, Larsens Tegnestue, Nørrebro (February-June 2019)

Website opdate: larsens-tegnestue.dk – including:
– Content (Danish and English)
– Photo editing
– Plug-ins, installation and set-up
– HTML and CSS editing
– New pages, set-up
Various communication tasks (including sparring in connection with art project)

Communications consultant, The Danish College of General Practitioners (DSAM) (February-June 2017)

– Web graphics for dsam.dk
– Resource database, creation and set-up
– Facebook page for conference, creation and content
– New member welcome package, design
– Annual event cycle – preparation and design

Proof reader, Egmont, Hellerup, Copenhagen (June-August 2014)

– Proof reading
– Layout corrections in InDesign


Project Manager, Department of Agriculture and Ecology, University of Copenhagen (15 June-9 October 2011)

– Preparation of final project report to the EU – including:
– Financial statement
– Correspondence with foreign partners
– Monitoring

Information Coordinator, Danish Seed Health Centre, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen, 23 January 2005-31 May 2010

– Quality assurance of all English material — including information and
scientific material
– Creation and maintenance of the Centre’s web site Danish Seed
Health Centre (does not exist any more, for photos, see)
– Project management of EU project
– Miscellaneous design tasks (brochures, posters, PowerPoint presentations
et al.)
– Fundraising
– Maintenance and updating of the Centre’s databases (Seed database and
Cumulus database)
– Assistance in organising and holding international meetings
– Collection of data for annual reports and work plans (for DANIDA)
– Maintenance, updating and archiving of reprints, handbook library and list
of publications

Research Group Secretary, Centre for Experimental Parasitology, Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (December 2003-September 2005)

– Day to day casework in English and Danish
– Preparation of annual reports (Wormcops, Danish National Research
Foundation, WHO/FAO, CEP)
– Editing and maintenance of the Centre’s two homepages Wormcops and
CEP (today: Parasitology and aquatic pathobiology

– Updating DVJB’s publication and project database
– Minor accounting (EU accounting, Wormcops, expenses and travel
reimbursements et al.)
– Secretarial tasks for employees and students at CEP

Research Group Secretary, Gladsaxe Municipality, December 2002-March 2003

– Assistance in preparation of educational evaluation report
– Editing and maintenance of homepage
– Accounting
– Miscellaneous secretarial tasks (correspondence, phone, booking of
meetings, archiving et al.)

Information officer/web editor, Vesterbro Urban Renewal Centre, Nov. 2000-Nov. 2002

– Journalist at the Centre’s magazine, The District
Vesterbro (BYDELEN Vesterbro)
– Editing and maintenance of the Centre’s homepage: vbcenter.dk
– Production of leaflets and brochures
– Member of the magazine group and the editorial board
– Proofreading (blueprints)


Counsellor, Kalejdoskop (drop-in centre), Nørrebro, Copenhagen, April-September 2014


MA degree in English and History aimed at Communication, Roskilde University, 1998


Special needs Counselling, Diploma module – 10 ECTS points (2 February-11 June 2014)

– Cooperation with local authorities and other local, regional and national
stakeholders, including cooperation with parents and caregivers
– Counselling with knowledge centres and knowledge environments,
including user organisations Psychological and sociological perspectives –
on special needs
– Counselling of individuals with differentiated disabilities, special needs,
potentials and skills
– Legislation and applicable rules of importance to counselling, including
rehabilitation, sheltered employment, confidentiality, stringent reporting
and access to documents
– Specific counselling methods, including individual counselling, group
counselling, establishment of internships and the use of IT in educational
– Inclusion and integration, including marginalisation and stigmatisation
– Normality and quality of life

Intercultural counselling, Diploma module – 5 ECTS points (10 October 2013-23 January 2014)

– Theories of culture
– Ethnicity and cultural identity
– The meeting between the counsellor and the counselee emphasising
interaction between different cultural backgrounds
– Intercultural communication during counselling sessions

Counselling and the Individual, Diploma module – 10 ECTS points ( 2 September-11 October 2013)

– Theoretical approaches to understanding individual development,
including personality formation and identity in a theoretical perspective —
psychologically, sociologically and culturally
– Theoretical approaches of analysis at the individual level
– The counselling process as a relation and the counsellor’s pre-
– The counselee’s self-concept and its significance in the counselling
– The significance of cultural features and moral values in the counselling
process, including gender and ethnicity
– The counselling process in an existential and narrative perspective
– Learning theory relevant to counselling and lifelong learning in formal,
non-formal and informal learning environments
– Clarification of resources, competencies and development potential in a
career perspective

Coaching, Engagement, Satisfaction and Well-Being (10-21 June 2013)

– Apply coaching techniques of questioning and listening
– Focus on solutions and set goals
– Identify and develop strengths and resources
– Identify barriers
– Work actively and creatively with opportunities
– Develop action plans
– Integrate mindfulness in everyday life
– Perform practical exercises in order to create well-being
– Create positive change, development and growth

Counselling and CounsellorDiploma module – 10 ECTS points (8 April-22 May 2013)

– Counselling and career theories, including methodological implications of
different approaches
– Theoretical approaches in relation to counselling and career theories and
– Main features of the professional counselling history and development of
national and international perspective, including the interpretation of
– policy goals and strategies
– Strategies and models for counselling activities, including the role and
function of supervision
– Face-to-face individual counselling
– Group and collective counselling activities
– IT-based counselling activities
– Ethical dilemmas and principles of counselling and counsellors, including
the principles of administrative law

Media Lab (1-26 October 2012 & 1 November 2012-25 January 2013)

Practice and experiment with individually tailored project (My website: My Own Space)

Web Communication and CMS (3-29 September 2012)

– Setup of development environment
– Installation of a specific CMS
– Graphic layout and development of themes
– Setup of required features, menus, modules and plug-ins
– Publishing of a website
– Expansion and maintenance of CMS

Online Marketing (29 May-6 July 2012)

– Google Search Engine Optimisation
– Use social media and blogs in marketing efforts
– Plan, execute, analyse and follow up on e-mail campaigns
– Measure, analyse and track web traffic
– Create and manage a website using CMS
– Google Analytics, Adwords and Website Optimizer
– WordPress (CMS, blogs)
– MailChimp (e-mail-marketing)
– Social media for companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Google +

Digital and Graphic Communication (20 February-30 March 2012)

– Update and edit a homepage in a CMS system
– Produce and layout a publication and make it ready for print
– Edit photos for web and print
– Design and produce a campaign from start to finish, incl. concept, – look &
feel, preparation and completion
– Hands-on experience with: Adobe Photoshop; Adobe InDesign; CMS

Strategic Communication, Diploma module (3 January-11 February 2011)

– Communication theory and history
– Work as a communicator
– Communication policy, strategy and plan
– Communication objectives and success criteria
– Analyses – including stakeholder analysis
– Communication and the press
– Crisis communication
– Organisation and management in relation to communication
– Evaluation of communication
– Project organisation and management

Fundraising (15 & 16 April 2010)

– Screening of project ideas and current trends
– Tools for idea and concept development
– Specific fundraising tools
– Types of donor demanded projects
– Types of donor demanded organisations — about sponsoring and
– EU support structure
– Preparation of budget and financial plans
– Support schemes, dat abases, and info points

Project Management (13 & 14 April 2010)

– The phases of the project
– Visibility of the project
– Management tools, methods, staffing and organisation
– Project management
– Conflicts and conflict management
– Project evaluation and learning

Excel 2007basic (30 November-1 December 2009)

– Structure of the spreadsheet
– Formulas and calculations
– Formatting
– Printing and page setup
– Using multiple spreadsheets
– Diagrams

PDF, Adobe Acrobat 8.0/9.0 basic  (13 November 2009)

– Create PDF
– Optimising for web and print
– Menus and toolbars, navigation, searching and printing
– Editing and proofreading
– Interactive PDF documents
– Multimedia content

Photo processing, Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4, extended (21-22 October 2009)

– Summary of basic functions
– Set-up
– Image editing
– Advanced retouching
– Vector graphics
– Managing images in Bridge
– Advanced web processing

Photo Processing, Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4, basic (19-20 October 2009)

– Basic functions, tools and palettes
– Bitmap versus vector graphics, RGB colour and CMYK colour, resolution
and size in relation to print and web
– Basic image editing
– Marker
– Layers and layer effects
– Photo recording and archiving
– Retouching
– Image manipulation
– Text feature
– Internet graphics

Illustration, Adobe Illustrator CS3, basic (1-2 October 2009)

– Programming schedule, tools and menus
– General set-up
– Basic drawing
– Objects
– Colours and gradients
– Layers
– Text and text effects
– Preparing for print, PDF and web

Adobe Creative Suite CS3, update (10-11 December 2008)

Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, basic (7-8 & 14 October 2008)

– Basic tools, menus, palettes and programming schedule
– Structure of illustrations
– Drawing of objects with the Pen tool (for inking of logos, etc)
– Text and typographics
– Colour and gradient
– Brush effects and symbols
– Conversion of images into graphics

Layout, Adobe InDesign (31 October-2 December 2005)

– Page setup, basic tools and principles
– Fonts, typography
– Setup and work with multiple pages
– Vector editing and bitmaps
– Preparing for print and PDF format

PowerPoint (February & marts 2004)

– PowerPoint introduction
– PowerPoint advanced

Professional Communication (November 2001)

– Communication language
– Disposition of texts
– Jargon plagues
– Popularisation problems

Journalism (September 2001)

– Writing techniques
– Definition of target group
– Interview techniques

Web Design (September-November 2000)

– Dreamweaver 3.0
– Photoshop 5.5
– Image Ready 2.0
– Flash 4.0
– Web design



Design programmes (InDesign, Illustrator)
Photo editors (Photoshop, Image Ready, Pixir.com)
Web editors (WordPress, SiteCore, Drupal, Dreamweaver, FrontPage)
Web optimisation programmes (Google Analytics, SiteAnalyze, Adwords, Website Optimizer)
Social media (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube)
Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, Explorer)
E-mail and calendar programmes (G-mail, Yahoo, GroupWise)
Pdf programmes (Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Distiller, Adobe Reader)
Mac (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
Windows Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)



Danish, native proficiency
English, full professional proficiency
Swedish limited working proficiency
Norwegian limited working proficiency
German limited working proficiency


Forty odd years ago, I engaged in a passionate relationship with film and literature — prose, poetry and non fiction (especially sociology and philosophy). A love story is not complete without music, and it’s hard for me to imagine my life without it. Apart from the obvious enjoyment I get from the love affair, it assists me in my never-ending pursuit to become wiser on life.

To me, playing equals creative pursuits, and I can use hours on end writing, painting, drawing and creating computer graphics.

I’m mad about handball and I never voluntarily miss a national team match nor champion league or European cup finals in which KIF Kolding København participates. It is by no means recreational, though. Sometimes I feel compelled to dance the Greek Zorba in front of my television from sheer nerves.

When I unfold myself physically, I do Bodyflow, but taking my bike anywhere and living on the fifth floor (with no elevator) sometimes feels like all the physical exercise I need. Spending a couple of hours on the couch in a robe and my eleven-pound cat Chomsky on my lap definitely has its charm and I try to indulge myself to this pleasure, when I’m in urgent need of it.

I belong to the species homus politicus why actively engaging in politics is almost as natural to me as breathing.

Finally, but actually primarily, I use most of my spare time with my intimate friends.